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The best way to determine the potential success of a company is to focus on how much attention has been given to finding the right people, developing a carefully considered business plan and acquiring an adequate level of capital to bring the plan to fruition. We can help you make these goals a reality. 

Our firm specializes in Startup and First Stage companies in a wide range of industies and service areas. We provide a personalized and taylored approach to reaching each client's specific goals.

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About Us

Aetio Capital was founded in 1998 as a financial consultancy focused on mature companies struggling to return to profitability.  By conducting extensive research into our clients' operating and financial histories we were able to determine the root causes behind their downturn.  Our research became the basis for developing action plans to transform the business for the future.  The word Aetiology comes from the Greek "aitia", Cause + "logos", Discourse      and is defined as the study of Causation.


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